1984 Full Custom Jeep CJ 7

Designed to showcase Hair Trigger creativity and one-offsmanship, this internal build is one wicked CJ.

Custom features include:

  • Custom transfer case cage with built in rear axle control bars
  • Custom headers and exhaust
  • Custom serpentine system
  • Custom hidden blower linkage
  • Custom blower pulley cap
  • Custom idler bracket/fuel manifold with gauge
  • Hard lines throughout
  • Custom firewall with header reliefs
  • Custom body and floors
  • Custom spare mount for recessed 37" tire
  • Custom roll cage
  • Custom windshield with gauges built into frame/glass
  • Custom electronics with proximity and wireless start functions
  • 671 blown 454 & TH 350
  • Custom modified grille with recessed radiator
  • Custom shroud
  • Hidden custom overflow tank
  • Hidden horns and recessed power steering reservoir
  • Hidden battery and brake booster/master cylinder
  • Hidden discrete oil and trans coolers