It is difficult for me to identify what we do at HTC. When asked to do so, I tend to stammer, and shrug, and mumble something about not being cubbyholed or boxed in. Besides, it seems fairly obvious right?  Rather than writing about what we do, I want to write about what we are, what we think, what's important to us and what we strive for. Then, maybe what we do will be obvious after all.

We are diverse and attentive. We listen to our client and then really try to nail down what is in his or her head and make it a reality. We labor over creativity and quality. It is important to us to turn our customer's sandwich into a banquet, regardless of how great the sandwich is. We don't believe in custom for custom's sake but custom for art's sake, custom for individuality's sake, custom for the sake of building something for our client that is unique and does not exist anywhere else on the planet. Those ideals - those goals - always start with the customer. Some bring us photos or typewritten lists; others communicate with hand gestures and raised eyebrows. We've seen sketches on the back of ketchup-stained napkins and three-inch binders brimming with reference material. In the end, it is up to us to organize those communications, build on those communications and bring creativity and excellence to those communications.

Our work has been called rolling art, a compliment that we don't take lightly and a goal that we strive for certainly. For us, the whole must be greater than the sum of the parts, even when the parts are amazing. It comes down to design, from the start of the project until the end.  Without design, it's just another rack of parts. Whether a ground up super car,  modification, or repair to your existing build, we strive for quality and strive for excellence.

With that said, enjoy the site!  Look at what we are building for other clients and when you are ready, please consider HTC for your project. We will turn your sandwich into a banquet.

*Cost of sandwich may vary.